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Different payment methods are available. You can also top up your MEDpay account.

About MEDpay.

MEDpay is an innovative solution to accelerate and facilitate payments/transfers of health funds between shippers/money sponsors and healthcare providers in Africa to help families or friends to access quality care.
The MEDpay platform combines different payment options (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Mobile Money, Top Up of your account and MaxiCash) and an interface of transaction management that allows payers and caregivers to have full visibility on the use of money, while ensuring that the patient is treated without delay and in the best way.

  • Secure prepayment
  • No More intermediary
  • Fast patient support
Our mission and vision

Continue with our passion.

Together, we want to improve access to health care through development of solutions adapted to the constraints that can be found in Africa.
This is how we developed MEDpay, a solution that allows us to meet the needs of payers, care providers and patients for their own profits.


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Payment of medical services

Different payment methods are available. You can also top up your MEDpay account.

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